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Marvista School Swag

We have officially launched our online school swag store! Check it out and order yourself, your extended family, your kids and your neighbor's something to show your Marvista school pride! 



Promoting the welfare and education of the
children in the Marvista school community.

Marvista Yearbook

Taken some photos at a school event, at a field trip, in class, or with a few friendly classmates? Submit them via this QR code to be included in the 23/24 Marvista yearbook! 

Latest events & news from Marvista PTSA

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The Marvista PTSA was founded in 1978 to serve the students of Marvista Elementary School. Through a team of dedicated volunteers that includes parents, teachers, students and administrators, and your donations, we are able to provide significant resources to our students including an art curriculum, access to technology, field trip grants and scholarships, assemblies, playground equipment and more! We also serve local families through our community outreach committee and with after-school activities like Harvest Fest and Bingo Night.


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