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Friday April 28th

Together we’ll have a ton of fun and raise a ton of cash for our school! "Why?" You ask? Because as we slowly make our way back towards normal, we get excited thinking about all the things the PTSA has provided in the past and what we can begin to provide again in the future like the Art Docent program, field trip grants, teacher grants, assemblies, counselor grants and learning tools to name a few. We hope that you will join us for this night of fun and fundraising!

Meet the Auction Chairs

This could be you!
Position available. Contact us by clicking the icon above.


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In order to make this night one for the record books, we need you! We have lots of jobs of all sizes starting now until after the auction lights are turned off. Please contact us to find out how you can help!


What would you like to bid on at an auction? Who do you know that could donate something unique? What fun family event could you host to support our school? The possibilities are endless but we can’t cover them all ourselves! Please don’t be shy – people can’t say no if you don’t ask! Procurement form and cover letter coming soon.