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The Legislative Committee follows proposed legislation that affects our children’s educational futures and keeps our local Marvista PTSA informed of the issues, changes and potential consequences.


Every two years, Washington State PTA chooses a legislative priority platform. We continue to support all of our legislative principles  as well as National PTA’s public policy agenda, but we focus on the priorities. In year two of this cycle (like this year) we consider adding priorities as “also supported” and we consider amendments. Clik the  following link to view our updated platform for this next legislative session.

Washington State PTA’s 2011-12 legislative platform

Top 5 priorities for the 2013 and 2014 state legislative sessions

Important Dates


State Bills could Reshape how Teachers are Evaluated

Senate Bill Report regarding Certified Employee Evaluations

R-52 – A Win for Education

R-52 FAQs

2010 Initiatives

Issue Results 2010


New legislative agenda for the next two years

Article about McCleary Decision

Good Newsletter – (Free! Just sign up!)

State Supreme Court says Washington legislature is in contempt on school funding

Budget Passes

Cuts Stopped; Long Road Ahead for K-12


R-52 Healthy Schools Now

WSPTA’s Two-Year Platform/Top Six Prioritiy Issues

State Board of Education’s List of 2011 Legislative Positions

Norway; Closing the Achievement Gap?


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